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This conversation is always a fun one for us…

There are three scenarios:

  1. You are currently using “someone(s)” to run your digital marketing — someone’s nephew, someone’s friend, some guy you found at the mall who was holding up a big flashy sign
  2. You are doing it with an in-house marketing team/person
  3. You are doing it yourself

Let’s talk about each one…

Currently advertising online?
The “Someone(s)”

We never assume we are better than whom you have chosen to manage your digital marketing, but we do know that it’s nice to know you’re getting the best return on your investment. So whether it’s an agency or a “person” there are a few questions we recommend you ask them. Have a look here to see the questionnaire we made with Google to help you find that inner peace you’re looking for. Make sure they answer all the questions and if you don’t get the answers you wanted, we are here for you.

You’re doing it in-house!

Awesome! Want some support, or help? Give us a call. We will share some insights and offer any help possible.

You’re doing it yourself

This is a case-by-case situation. Most of the times that we have encountered people running ad campaigns by themselves, they are swamped with managing it and not doing what their business needs them to do. If you leave the hard work to us, we almost always drive cost-per-clicks down and get more leads to your door. Again it’s case-by-case, but if this sounds like you and you’re the one reading this, then you’re reading it for a reason! Maybe we can help. Give us a call.